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1. Authentic Sri Lanka native dancer's costume hand beaded chest piece with sarong and leather decorated waist front apron, collar

     and headdress from Bristol Opera "The Pearl Fishers"

2.   American Indian native dresses from "Les Indes Galantes" (Bristol Opera)

3.   Scene from "Les Indes Galantes"

4.  Slug Dancer from "the Vampire "  (Bristol Opera)

5.   Venetian Carnival 18th Century dresses with face masks

6.   Victorian scene from "Lackme" (Bristol Opera)

7.  Doge's headgear and under cap

8.  Front view of above

9.  Cape and tunic to go with Doge above

10.     Bartered Bride, Bristol Opera Slovac Costumes

11    Bartered Bride Scene

12  Scene from Lakme showing Ethnic Costumes

13  Scene from award winning Opera The Pearl Fishers, Bristol Opera Sri Lanka costume

14  Detail of decoration on sari Pearl Fishers

15  Leading characters in Pearl Fishers in Sri Lanka costume

16.   Detail of shell decorated medalion and collar on costume Pearl Fishers

17.  Scene from Pearl Fishers, Bristol Opera.

18.   Assorted Chorus costumes Pearl Fishers

19.   Ditto above

20.   The "Doll" from Tales of Hoffmann

21.    Music Box Dolls Tales of Hoffmann

22.  Ladies in Scottish outfits in the award winning production of Bristol Opera "The Vampire

23.   Scottish costume in "The Vampire"

24.  The Count in 18 Century Scotland "the Vampire"

25.  Sri Lanka Indian Sari.  Pearl Fishers

26.  Fire Sari, Pearl Fishers Bristol Opera

27.  Group of Mermaids in Flying Dutchman Bristol Opera



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             33.  Design detail above  Russian Sarafan 


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