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1.  The photograph shows an angler wearing a reconstruction of what is believed to be a highland Shepherd's tweed jacket C 1899. Made in Harris tweed and made according to an old photograph (permission Christopher Cullen).

2.   Victorian girl in blue sleeved dress with a back and front over apron with sgtraw hat.

3.   Brown and white small flowered bustle day skirt and bodice with a "Sailor collar".

4.   The Beagle and Fagin from a production of "Oliver".

5.   Edwardian Gentleman in genuine harris tweed plus fours (at Bristol Library)

6.   Victorian full crinoline dress in pink and white pattern fabric of fine cotton with pink taffeta petticoat, this dress has pagoda sleeves and hat to compliment the outfit.

7.   Victorian Gentleman in tail coat (I have all sizes).  over a red satin backless waistcoat and matching cravat, wing collar shirt.  Top hat

8.   Detail of Edwardian lace over lavender Satin

9.  Gentleman in grey frock coat and top hat in a scene from Nicholas Nickelby - a Kelvin Players production which I fully dressed.

10.  Victorian lady in a lemon shantung skirt and boned bodice with matching hat.  (I also have ball dress tops for various skirts.

11.  Queen Victoria with a frock coated gentleman with assorted three medieval ladies.  (I have frock coats, cutaway tails and top hats in all sizes)

12.   Victorian Maid in a production of Marriage of Figaro at Winterbourne Barn

13.    Dick and Daisy Nanette Ackerman Barons Court Theatre London

14.    Dick and Daisy leading couple

15.  Dick and Daisy Victorian bustle.

16.  Susanna and Count Marriage of Figaro by Tessitoura Touring Opera Group in Winterbourne Medieval Barn.

17.  Susanna as the maid in the above.

18.  Three Victorian First Communion Dresses

19.  Victorian first communion dress.

20.  Victorian Maid

21.  Edwardian Governess.

22.  Edwardian Nanny

23.  Florence Nightingale with lamp

24.  Florence Nightingale in cape and with lamp.

25.  Close up of the above

26.  Florence Nightingale Victorian dress with specialised cap.

27.  Florence Nightingale full Victorian dress with cap.

28  Sufragette in green Edwardian two piece

29  Sufragette in Red Edwardian skirt and jacket

30. Sufragette in Grey Edwardian jacket and skirt


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